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The Cancer Train is a woman’s experience with her fathers struggle with Cancer. It deals with the cancer crisis in Panjab and how her Sikh family has been forced to evolve through it.

A powerful story. Brought me to tears. 


What I’d Wear
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Makeup, Hair, Dressing Services: Pink Orchid Studio

Clothing: Designerz Den

Pink Orchid Studio: Makeup, Hair, Dressing Services
Photography: Pardeep Singh
Clothing/Jewellery: Crossover Bollywood Se

Pink Orchid Studio photo shoot with Pardeep Singh Photography and Crossover Bollywood Se Clothing. Follow Pink Orchid on facebook for your chance to win some makeup and Louis Vuitton goodies.


What I’d Wear

What I’d Wear
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MU by:Khawar Riaz
can you give me a run through of what the transfer nursing program is like at u of calg? i am considering it but i dont know where to turn for answers.

All of the info is available on the u of c website. However the basics are:

- It’s a 28 month program with September or January entrance.

- You have to complete your first year anatomy + physiology, stats, english, and other arts courses prior to application.

- You get one break during spring/summer in the 28 month period depending when you start.

Hope that helps! I would suggest talking to the Nursing faculty, they are awesome!

Pretty in Pink

Style Crush: Miranda Kerr. New blog post!

Homemade Beeswax Candle Tutorial.